The Siren

The Siren the Doctor encountered on the Fancy in the 17th Century was able to board the ship by using reflective surfaces as portals. She identified the ill and the injured and took skin samples from them. This process left a black spot on their palms. She then enticed the sailors to touch her - a task made easy by her beauty, seductive singing and mental hold over selected members of the crew. Finally, this touch allowed her to transport them to an incredibly advanced medical bay on a spaceship where they received high-tech supervision.

Fact titleFact data
Home Planet:
Ephemeral, blue and beautiful when calm. Scary, red and demonic when in a bad mood.
Start to worry when:
She turns red. And then looks at you.
First Appearance:
She's here!
The Curse of the Black Spot

The Siren was misguided although not evil. She was terrifying but angelic, becoming demonic if you crossed her, yet ultimately she saved Rory's life and later allowed Amy to care for him. But only after she'd signed a consent form.



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