Mandy Marquez

Kindhearted Mandy has a natural need to speak out and tell it how it is, but she tends to defer big decisions to the doctors.

Mandy was first introduced as a bridesmaid for Cherry Malone.

She is not shy and there is a conflict between her natural need to speak out and tell it how it is, and her tendency to defer to doctors out of habit. An out lesbian since she was sixteen, Mandy grew up in a family with five siblings and a lot of voices, but she can hold her own. Her family are very accepting of her sexuality.

Mandy began a relationship with Freya, though at first she wasn’t sure if she liked Freya as she was bisexual and still had feelings for Kevin. She soon realised, however, that they wanted to be together.

Freya's death left Mandy grief stricken, as she really did love her. Her relationship with Kevin is strained as a result.

Danielle Henry

  • Danielle had a night out with Morgan Freeman in Grenada
  • When Danielle was 6, she cut her sister's hair off with a pair of shears
  • Danielle can do the splits
  • Before taking on the role of Mandy, Danielle has been in Casualty, Candy Cabs, Moving On and Emmerdale