Sir Hallam Holland

Sir Hallam was born in India, where his father Sir Greville was highly placed in the Indian Civil Service. He was sent away to school in England and thereafter saw his parents only rarely.

Sir Hallam found deep love and solace with his wife Lady Agnes. He is an innately good man, driven professionally and personally by a strong sense of duty, even to the extent of fostering the daughter of a German Jewish parlourmaid who unexpectedly died whilst in his employment. A skilled diplomat, he has risen rapidly through the ranks of the Foreign Office and is driven to serve his country by a strong sense of moral duty.

Sir Hallam has marked anti-fascist tendencies and is strongly opposed to the appeasement of Germany. Unwilling to dismiss the threat of Hitler and driven by a crusading compulsion to protect his country and save the vulnerable, Sir Hallam is drawn into dangerous waters which threatens all that he holds dear.