Les Coker

Not only will Les bury your loved one, he’ll bury your secrets too… for the right price.

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First appearance
9th January 2012
Last appearance
14th October 2016
53A Turpin Road
Funeral Director

Les Coker is Albert Square’s new undertaker. On the surface he’s a kind, charismatic charmer - but there’s a hint of something more sinister lying underneath. Partial to a dodgy deal or two, one of his biggest downfalls is his greed. Despite this, Les is a true skinflint!

Having been pulled into the family business by his father, Les married his first love, Pam, and after nearly 50 years together they’ve developed an unbreakable bond.

Les would never admit it, but he likes a bit of a gossip. So it’s a good thing he’s married to Pam, the nosiest lady in London.

Played by Roger Sloman