Garry Hobbs

Garry was a mechanic by trade, and loved to spend time with his trophy woman, Dawn Swann.

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First appearance:
18th September 2000
Last appearance:
27th August 2009
Car mechanic

Hapless mechanic Garry Hobbs might have seemed like one of life's losers, but there was something rather heroic about him.

Come on, there's still time for another pint.
Garry Hobbs

He put up with Lynne's erratic mood swings and fought off her randy sister Kat, not to mention errant teen Stacey. He even obliged to service Slater sister Belinda. When Laura named him as the father of her baby he did the decent thing and stuck by her, even naming the little mite Bobby after his hero Bobby Moore.

He never thought that lying Laura might have duped him, and was heartbroken when she revealed that the child was Ian's.

Flatmate and best pal Minty supported him through thick and thin, and the pair tirelessly tried to pull/get the brush-off from every single woman who had the misfortune of entering the Queen Vic pub.

Eventually, however, Garry got his much deserved happy ending and sailed off into the sunset with the gorgeous Dawn Swann...

Played by Ricky Groves