Gunvald Larsson

Gunvald Larsson is described as a tall, blonde giant.

He is also at various times described as uncouth, abrupt, unfriendly, ill mannered and rude.

Unlike the rest of his law-abiding colleagues, he is prepared to resort to violence if he considers it necessary and he is disliked and even distrusted by the majority of the team.

He occasionally astonishes everyone by saying something intelligent and insightful and no-one would say he lacked courage.

He loves expensive suits and Italian footwear. His new kid jacket or his soft leather shoes are regularly ruined in the line of duty.

Actor - Ralph Ineson

Ralph Ineson is most well known for playing Finchy in The Office alongside Ricky Gervais. His recent work includes HBO’s medieval fantasy Game of Thrones where he plays Dagmar. Ralph appears in 3 of Harry Potter films as Amycus Carrow. He regularly appears in Radio Four dramas and credits include The Day We Caught the Train with Olivia Coleman.