Lauren Branning

Lauren's a ball of emotions, complications and attitudes. She thinks she's a total, straightforward, say-it-how-I-see-it kind of girl.

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First appearance:
3rd July 2006

Strangers and acquaintances see a bolshie, argumentative, party girl. Her best mate, Whit, gets her more than most, but even she thinks that Lauren's lived a charmed life.

Life hasn't been easy for Lauren. She's seen her parents split, get back together, argue, cheat, and split again as many times as you've had cold breakfasts. She took the full emotional toll of her mum's cancer, without the support of anyone else, developed a drinking problem, stole a married man from his wife, and lived through the murder of her best friend. After finding a sole mate in Peter Beale it's no suprise she's left The Square in a search for a fresh start in New Zealand.

Played by Jacqueline Jossa