Nancy Carter

Nancy is a proper East End girl with the traditional values to match. She loves her family BUT they also drive her absolutely mental.

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First appearance:
1st January 2014
46 Albert Square (The Queen Vic)

Nancy is definitely one of the lads and is rarely seen in anything other than her joggers. Even though she is one of the guys, she still knows how to play them. She loves the chase but isn’t too bothered about settling down with a bloke. But in the meantime she is happy to have fun with the wrong ones – much to Mick and Linda’s dismay!

As much as her parents wind her up, Nancy is keen to follow in their footsteps. She is the brains of the family but didn’t want to waste her time or money on going to uni. Instead she wants to see out her parents’ vision of a proper East End boozer and make The Vic a true Carter family business!

Played by Maddy Hill