Fiona Mackintosh (Tosh)

Tosh is a boisterous outgoing sort… but if you cross her, she’ll bite back.

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First Appearance
25th February 2014
Last appearance:
11th December 2014

Fiona has been known as Tosh since she left school. She’s never been a girly girl, and no one was surprised to see her join the fire service. Tosh loves the camaraderie, physical challenge and the hero status it brought.

Independent Tosh has quite a high opinion of herself and is very popular. She has a fiery relationship with Tina and is drawn to her for her spontaneity and sense of fun. Tosh can be quite the romantic, but at other times frustrated and paranoid. With a history of domestic violence between her and Tina, there’s no surprise that Tosh is rather disliked by Shirley!

Arriving on The Sqaure Tosh attempted to rebuild her relationship with Tina - however it a case of a car crash waiting to happen, and she was soon sent packing after laying more blows on Tina.

Played by Rebecca Scroggs