Kristina Albinsson

Kristina is a recently-promoted detective sergeant. She's still learning the ropes, after having come to police-work later than most. She feels that she's got a lot to prove, and this makes her both hard-working and sometimes overly-enthusiastic.

Fact titleFact data
Marital status
Courage, capability, determination
Gauche, impatient, depressive

Kristina is the newest member of what is a new team for Wallander, and they haven't got used to one another yet: she sometimes irritates him with her lack of tact, and he annoys her by keeping whatever he can teach her to himself. However, she earns respect by her focus and her ability to track down information.

I know you've got a gun, but you're not very likely to use it, are you?

Often, Kristina is the member of the team who can put her finger on the crucial piece of evidence, and this doesn't go unnoticed. She's not married, a little lonely perhaps, and prone to depression.

She plays football in her spare time.

Rebekah Staton

Rebekah Staton was born in 1981 in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Rebekah trained at RADA and has extensive television and film credits (from the Internet Movie Database).