Morgan Butcher

As the baby of Bianca's brood, little Morgan is the most spoilt – particularly when it comes to food. He only eats chicken nuggets. Something his health-conscious father isn't too keen on...

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First appearance:
1st April 2008
Last appearance:
12th September 2014

Morgan is the result of a one night stand between Bianca and Ray Dixon. Ray was unaware that he even had a son until Whitney told him and introduced Morgan in January 2012.

Morgan was thrilled to meet his dad, and his half-sister Sasha. He felt like he had two dads, Ricky and Ray and life, for a while, felt comfortable and stable. However, Bianca's fiery relationship with Ray, not to mention her split with Ricky, meant that Morgan's dreams came crashing down!

Played by Devon Higgs