Jake Moon

Jake and his brother Danny tried to imitate the Mitchell brothers, but second-rate gangsters is all they were.

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First appearance:
30th December 2004
Last appearance:
20th October 2006
Manager of Scarlet

Jake and his brother, Danny were the second cousins of Spencer and Alfie Moon. Jake, the sensitive brother, had an eye for the ladies - Chrissie and Carly Wicks to name a few.

Fortune favours the brave.
Jake Moon

His livewire brother was always a liability and nearly got Jake killed on several occasions. Unfortunately for him, Jake accidentally killed Danny when trying to prevent him from killing Phil and Grant Mitchell. Should have paid more attention during shooting practice.

Jake was left in charge of Ruby when his boss, gangster Johnny Allen, served time at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Desperate to save Ruby from Sean Slater's scheming clutches, he set out to help her, but his intensity scared her and she sacked him.

Jake ended up with a contract out on his life, after Johnny Allen's dying words were misconstrued. He was last seen leaving Albert Square being confronted by a sinister looking stranger...

´╗┐Played by Joel Beckett