Cindy Williams Jnr

Cindy truly is her mother's daughter. A miniature version of the late Cindy Beale, Cindy Junior is a minx and a troublemaker!

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First appearance:
19th August 2013
Last appearance:
17th August 2015

There’s never a dull moment when Cindy’s around. At 15, she's a magnet for trouble and relishes the attention it brings. Big brother Peter’s found himself in many a scrape trying to bail her out of various tricky situations, most of which Cindy has brought on her herself. She's always repentant, and she always manages to win you round with her big puppy dog eyes - but it won't be long before she gets herself in another heap of trouble!

Cindy loves making a splash. She gets bored easily and rarely sits still or keeps quiet. But deep down, Cindy’s lonely. She misses the mum she never knew and wishes she had a family of her own to fill that aching gap. Her nan’s all right, but it’s not the same being brought up by your mum. Living with someone that ancient is so uncool!

Played by Mimi Keene