Sukhbaatar took up gold mining to support his family when he lost his livelihood.

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He finds up to £5 of gold a day - but sometimes, none
Wife, son and daughter

48 year old Sukhbaatar used to be a nomadic herder, living on the Mongolia steppe. He had horses, goats and yaks. He and his family lived in a ‘ger’, a traditional tent, that would be taken down and put up again as they followed their animals grazing.

Recent freak weather conditions called Zuds killed millions of animals across Mongolia.

Sukhbaatar did not escape. He lost all his livestock and was driven off the land and into poverty. Faced with almost no options, he took up artisan gold mining.

Now he lives in the small mining town of Uyanga with his wife Gansuvd and son Sumya.

For all those heavy metal fans out there, Sukhbataar means ‘Axe Hero!’

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