Caleb Knight

Played by Richard Winsor

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18th January 2014

Cal likes to live life in the fast lane. His smooth, unflappable style runs through every aspect of his personality, but this could be seen by some as arrogance. Nothing phases Cal. His arrival at Holby was something of a shock to younger brother, Ethan, and it’s not long before Ethan’s frustration at, once again, being in his big brother’s shadow starts to show. Cal is the confident, assured type but there’s a sense of a darker, emotionally damaged soul underneath: a combination that makes him almost irresistible to women and something which Cal is not afraid to use to his advantage.

Cal is a natural and instinctive ED doctor, prioritising results over the little things. He failed his first attempt at medical school (through too much partying) and so has ended up a few rungs down the career ladder from his younger brother, Ethan. Always ready to lead from the front, Cal exudes confidence to get what he wants, but inevitably, occasionally, Cal’s bravado slips and he has to dig a little deeper to find out who he really is.

Caleb Facts

  • Hates: His father. His brother. Facing up to the consequences of his actions
  • Loves: Fast cars and a fast lifestyle. Spending his salary and beyond