Shula Hebden Lloyd

Following a wild childhood, Shula gained something of a reputation as the Archer most suited for sainthood.

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Played by:
Judy Bennett
8 August 1958
Riding stables owner/instructor
Lives and works at:
The Stables

This is to an extent deserved, as she's a regular church-goer, dutiful wife and member of the community, and patient listener. However she has strayed from this righteous path in her time, memorably during her affair with village doctor Richard Locke. Husband Alistair wishes she would remember this more often when she finds fault with his own shortcomings.

She can be fiercely traditional, and never has this been more apparent than in her disapproval of the marriage of vicar Alan Franks to the Hindu (and former partner of Richard Locke) Usha Gupta. To her regret this drove a wedge between herself and Alan, her one time friend and confidant, which took a long time to ease.

Hold on, Alistair - get me some overalls, I'm coming with you.
Shula Hebden Lloyd
  • Likes - Horses, bell ringing
  • Dislikes - Admitting she's wrong, sausage rolls
  • Highs - The birth of IVF baby Daniel after her struggle with infertility
  • Lows - The death of first husband Mark Hebden; Alistair's gambling addiction

Immediate family

Key relationships

  • Caroline Sterling (Friend and fellow horsewoman)
  • Alan Franks (Former friend) - They fell out over his marriage to Usha.
  • Usha Franks - Although Shula is now on better terms with Alan, Usha still finds it hard to forgive Shula's attitude to her marriage