City of the Daleks

The TARDIS materializes in 1963 to find the human race crushed by the Daleks. The Doctor embarks on a quest to the Dalek planet to correct time and save the last survivor of Humanity - Amy Pond! This is your chance to be the Doctor. Are you ready for the challenge?


Download Windows Version (330MB)

Download Mac OS Version (301MB)

When the download window appears, click Save to save the game installer file to your computer. You can choose where to save the file - the Desktop is a good choice. When the download is complete, go to your Desktop (or wherever you saved the file) and double-click on the Installer to install the game.

Please note – if you are outside the UK you will not be able to install the game. Please see the FAQ for more details on how to purchase and download the game if you live outside the UK.

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