Midge Carne

Midge Carne is fourteen and has never been to school.

She has been privately educated by a string of governesses who have struggled to control this highly-strung girl. With money tight and Midge clearly in need of company, Robert Carne decides to send his daughter to the local school. It's a serious shock for Midge, being told what to do and forced to socialise with local grocers' daughters! But despite her initial snobbery and fear, Midge forms a deep affection for Miss Burton and increasingly finds school a much needed refuge from her troubled home life.

Katherine McGolpin

As a member of the Leeds Television Workshop, Katherine began her acting career with the part of Jade Calvert in Emmerdale when she was 10 years old, followed by a part in The Royal. She landed the role of Kay in the feature film Clubbed alongside Charlie May-Clark who she works with again in South Riding.