Will Axon

Hailing from the home of horse racing, Will’s first career choice was to become a jockey. Though luckily for Flog It! he didn’t quite make the cut and took up the antique trade instead.

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English country furniture, furnishings and pottery

Will has always had an appreciation for fine art and antiques, studying the subject at college in Camberwell before earning a Master's degree in Art Market Appraisal in more recent years.

Will has worked for a number of auction houses in different guises, but nowadays wields the gavel. Admittedly a bit of a hoarder, Will still collects paintings by unknown artists and cracks or chips china for his 'study' collection. As a child, his collecting tastes extended to everything from cut out images from magazines to drink cans!

Will has stayed true to his roots, living just outside Newmarket where he spends his spare time with his family.

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