Jeff Nsofor

Jeff moved to the UK from Nigeria in September 2010...

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Company Accountant

He came to Swansea to complete a Masters of Finance degree after completing an undergraduate BSC Accountancy degree in Nigeria. Jeff applied for a job at Nev’s Call Centre. Nev questioned him about his background and qualifications and felt the sales floor wasn’t the best place for him. Nev gave him a trial in their finance department. Jeff considers this one of his life miracles and feels extremely blessed to have been found by Nev. He believes that fate played a part in Nev identifying him as the accountant he’d always wanted to be.

Jeff is a very active member of his local Church in Swansea and devotes hours of his time to the Church. Jeff loves Football and supports Arsenal. He’s a good salsa dancer and has been known to teach the suits on the finance floor how to throw some shapes. They can often be seen doing the Jeff Dance (kind of a Mexican wave with soul!)