Matt Rees

Congratulations on reaching the final! What was your initial reaction to getting through?

It was great. Then I went back to a hotel and it was incredibly lonely.

I never have a good gig in Shoreditch. I confuse them.
Matt Rees

 So what made you want to carve out a career in comedy?

Paddy McGuinness.

Tell us about your first, worst and best gigs…

I remember my very first gigs most fondly: I was so nervous at my first gig I can't remember doing it. It was 2 years ago and I've aged horribly.

I never have a good gig in Shoreditch. I confuse them.

Describe what the BBC Radio 2 listeners can expect from your performance at the live final on November 12?

A man trying his best not to swear.

Let’s go back to the very start of the competition… What was your experience at the first heat like?

It was at the Cardiff Glee Club, which is the best comedy club in the country. For once I didn't have to travel far which was nice.

You’ve been judged by some comedy greats and performed alongside your peers and, of course, Patrick Kielty. Has there been anyone who you particularly enjoyed meeting?

Haven't really thought about it.

Who – or what – would you say is your biggest competition in the final?

My own ego.

If you win, what do you think you'll spend the £1000 prize money on?

It would make moving to London easier, which would mean I could gig a lot more.

Finally, why should people vote for you as the winner of the BBC New Comedy Award 2012?

People should vote for me if they think I'm funniest.