Chris Reid

Dedicated, earnest, stubborn and resentful, Chris is the son of The Mill's locum doctor Emma.

It was her idea to get Chris in after Cherry’s departure and leaving Howard with staffing problems.

When Emma tells Chris she has got him the job as a nurse at The Mill, he is not as enthusiastic about it as she is and continues to look for a job of his own. Realising how difficult it is to get a job, he agrees and takes his role very seriously.

He strikes up a friendship with fellow nurse Mandy, and gets on well with the rest of the team.

Emma thinks that Chris working with her will bring them close. Their relationship is already complicated and he never understood his parents' marriage. He felt neglected by his mum as a child. As a result, Chris was much closer to his paraplegic father Sam.

In Chris’s eyes, his mum can never do anything right.

Nathan Wright

  • Nathan is obsessed with Disney films
  • Nathan professes to be in love with Celia Imrie
  • Nathan makes a great Treacle Tart
  • Before appearing in Doctors, Nathan played the role of Hugh in Being Human