Thomas Plant

Thomas is at the top of his game, running his own auction house in Berkshire. Prior to that, he worked as the Head of Department within Ceramics, Jewellery and Silver at Gorringe's and Phillips.

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Jewellery, watches, and silver

Thomas commenced his career as a porter and progressed to become Head of the Ceramic, Works of Art and Decorative Department at his first saleroom in Bath. In 2006, he took over the running of his very own saleroom Special Auction Services based in Newbury.

...he skied with Franz Klammer and Eddie the Eagle

Aside from antiques, Thomas enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors, whether clay pigeon shooting or enjoying a brisk walk, often ending in a pub lunch. In his youth, not only did Thomas ski in Europe representing GB, his claim to fame was that he skied with Franz Klammer and Eddie the Eagle. Thomas was also President of his university fencing club and still likes to think of himself as an accomplished 'sabreur' or sabre fencer!

These days Thomas is more often found enjoying the cut and thrust of the auction, though we’re sure he can still dust off his fencing gear at a moment’s notice.

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