Graham Hitchins

Head of Infrastructure; it will of course be a disaster for London and for Britain if the infrastructure for the Twenty Twelve Games goes wrong. And that's where Graham Hitchins comes in.

In this complex and specialist area you sometimes need to push beyond conventional logic and fortunately beyond logic is where Graham is much of the time already.

That's all fine... you mean this Friday?
Graham Hitchins

A loner, Graham frequently works late rather than going home, giving rise to speculation that he never goes home at all. He's also vague on the subject of exactly where he lives.

One thing he does have time for is an 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV. He attends Alfa Owners Club rallies at the weekend, often breaking down on the way there, the way back, or both. He once went out with a girl for three days after mistakenly attending an Alpha Course meeting on the assumption that it would be about cars. She was a devout Christian and asked him to marry her on their second date. He said he'd get back to her.