Jacob Banks

"He's an instant classic. His voice, music and showmanship is breathtaking. One day he'll be mentioned in the same breath as Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye & Louis Armstrong, and noone will question it"

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Best known song:
Kids On The Corner

Jacob Banks is a 21 year old from Birmingham who plays a range of instruments and started singing in early 2011.

His voice, music and showmanship is breathtaking
CJ Beatz

With a very minimal length of time formally calling and considering himself a musician, the singer/songwriter has accomplished a great deal; having beaten thousands to win a competition that granted him the exclusive opportunity to create his own track alongside one of the UK’s most original artists, Plan B.

Having taught himself acoustic guitar to compliment his soulful sound in a mere six months, it’s clear Jacob is destined for big things in the year to come.


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