Marcus Riley

Cheeky, charming and looking for change, at least where his finances are concerned, Marcus Riley is little more than a trolley pusher at John Coniston’s Bristol based counting house.

Things are looking grim for him, as he can’t afford to give Gina, his girlfriend, the life he thinks she deserves. Fed up of a lack of luck in his life he decides to make his own.

One day, inspired by a series of thefts by security guard Chris’ girlfriend Dita, he formulates and leads a fool proof plan to steal tens of thousands of pounds from the vaults. Aided by accomplice Chris, these Inside Men are at the forefront of what will later become a much more sinister plot.

Warren Brown

Warren is probably best known for his role as DS Ripley in Luther. He has also appeared in Single Father, Criminal Justice, Dead Set, and Grownups.

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