Calum Reed

Junior Case Officer (Multi-Role)

Calum Reed is far scruffier and more laidback in his look and general approach than the slicker Spooks we’re used to. He’s a cocky young man, and extremely fond of himself. But not without good reason – he’s a special multi-role officer, product of a new training scheme to produce more “all-rounders”. Calum rivals Tariq for tech skill – and though he’s some way behind Erin and Dimitri in the field, he can still very much handle himself.

Vastly gifted and a touch arrogant, part of Calum is still playing a game. Part of him is still the quick-witted, sarky, classroom joker and show-off. That won’t last – that can’t last – not here. He’s going to have to learn.

Geoffrey Streatfeild

Geoffrey theatre credits include 'Earthquakes in London', 'Eigengrau', 'The Pains of Youth' and 'Henry V' His television work includes 'Point of Rescue, 'Above Suspicion' - ITV, 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Hunter' - BBC. On film he has appeared in 'Matchpoint', 'Kinky Boots' and has just finished filming a British romantic comedy called 'City Slackers'