Pauline Fowler

Pauline Fowler was the Boadicea of the battleaxes, a woman who always leapt to the worst conclusion and had no qualms about starting wars over nothing.

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First appearance:
19th February 1985
Last appearance:
25th December 2006 (Deceased)
Launderette Assistant

Like mother, like daughter, her overbearing interference and opinionated nature exactly mirrored that of her mother, Lou.

I'll put the kettle on, eh?
Pauline Fowler

Pauline thought of herself as a family woman, and yet she did everything in her power to bust up the Fowler clan. Her abrasive nagging drove downtrodden Arthur to despair and adultery. She harassed Michelle continuously until she fled to America.

She sulked so often with Mark and refused to relinquish control of his life, that it's no surprise he felt the need to leave the Square to maintain ownership of his own death. He loved his mum, but when Pauline was around, nobody's wishes were considered but hers.

And look at Martin; hardly a glowing advert for Pauline's parenting skills. Indeed, her lowest moment occurred when she faked a brain tumour to keep Martin and Sonia apart. In spite of her failings, Pauline loved her family and always acted in what she felt was their best interests.

She was a tough cookie, who had everything in life thrown at her, and survived it... with the exception of a run-in with a frying pan and spurned second husband Joe Macer. Poor Pauline died of a brain haemorrhage in the snow on Christmas Day - not in the bosom of her loving family, but out in the cold, alone.

Played by Wendy Richard