Sea Devils

The Sea Devils are an undersea branch of the Silurian species, cold blooded reptilians able to either breathe underwater, or to conserve oxygen for deep dives to their ocean bases. 'Sea Devil' is a human term for this branch of homo reptilia, though it seems to have later been adopted as a nomenclature for their armoured warrior class.

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Home Planet:
Roughly humanoid with orange skin, beaked nose, large eyes and webbed hands.
Although tougher than humans, Sea Devils remain susceptible to standard human weaponry such as gas and bullets.
First Appearance:
The Sea Devils
Last Appearance:

The Sea Devils travel long distances in submarine vessels, have developed heat ray weaponry that can be used underwater, and have used genetic engineering to create sea monsters such as the Myrka.

These apes cannot be trusted!
The Sea Devils

At least one group of Sea Devils managed to make contact with Ichtar, a high-ranking Silurian survivor from the first tribe the Doctor encountered, and together they attempted to wipe out the human race through nuclear war. But the Sea Devil vulnerability to hexachromite gas put an end to that desperate plan.



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