Always quick with a witty line or cutting put-down, Scarlett is a great laugh down the pub, but behind Scarlett's front lies one of the quickest brains in Shieldinch.

Principled and loyal, Scarlett takes no nonsense or prisoners when it comes to those she loves, especially her family.

In the past, Scarlett had little luck with men. First husband, Paddy, was an abusive bully but in Jimmy Mullen she found true love and a second chance at happiness.

Scarlett didn’t have the happiest of childhoods. Her family were never flush and, unable to read or write, she felt inadequate. Then there was her matriarch of a mother, Molly. Headstrong and stubborn, mother and daughter frequently clash but when push comes to shove, they’re ferociously loyal to each other.

Scarlett possesses a strong maternal streak. Mother to Kelly-Marie, Bob, Stephen and little Madonna, Scarlett would fight tooth and nail for her kids. No more so than when her “bubba” Bob discovered he wasn’t her son but her nephew. Forget blood being thicker than water, for Scarlett love is the tie that binds.

The exception to that rule is Patrick Adams, Scarlett’s step-son. His arrival in Shieldinch unsettled Scarlett as she had to face up to the fact she’d put him in care as a teenager. Now with her skeletons finally out of the closet, Scarlett has a chance to build a new future with Patrick and make up for the mistakes of her past…but will he let her?

Over the years Scarlett's built up her defences and her mask is impressive. When your heart is as soft as Scarlett's you've got to make sure your armour is chink-proof.

Sally Howitt

´╗┐Sally plays Scarlett Mullen in River City.