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Where to Start?

Whether you want to be a music journalist, a foreign correspondent or the next Huw Edwards all journalists need to be able to write and tell a story in their own style. Thanks to the internet, there has never been a better time to do so! Practice makes perfect so start your own blog (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr  to name a few of the many bloging tools around) and GET WRITING.

Keep working hard because you get a break eventually’
Ollie Duff, News Editor

If you are interested in radio and television journalism there’s still no excuse not to get out and start making features. Citizen journalism is an increasingly popular resource for many newspapers, journals and channels so get making and get your work out there and start building your portfolio!

Also make sure you head over to the BBC's College of Journalism online to get the latest in editorial advice, blogs, events to attend, videos, and 'How To's' from those who are hard at work in the world of Journalism now.

Jobs in Journalism

Once you have created a good online portfolio of your work start contacting employers and be sure to send them a link to what you've done.

Work experience with both local and national news providers will be really useful to learn about the trade and make contacts but don’t let that stop you from applying to online papers and blogs – these are a really great training ground and platform for up and coming journo talents. The variety of journalist jobs here shows just how diverse this industry is!

Finance Journalist,  Arts and Travel Journalist,  Sports Journalist,  Political Journlist

Twenty-Something Jobs

If you're after some practical advice and insight on how to break into the industry from someone who did just that, we gave Kat a grilling on how she became a journalist, and spoke to Catrin about being a reporter in the industry.

What's New At The Academy?