PeR are Ralfs Eilands and Edmunds Rasmanis a Latvian beatbox duo formed in 2007. PeR stands for Please Explain the Rhythm.

I’m not a fan of what Eurovision has become, I’m a fan of what it could be
Ralfs Eliands

Keen to represent Latvia at Eurovision the band have unsuccessfully tried no fewer than three previous occasions in 2009, 2010 and 2012. The duo finally triumphed in this year’s Latvian national finals, whilst Ralfs fought an infection and a 38 degree temperature. Reflecting on their winning performance Ralfs said... “That’s the magic about music – on stage, no matter what has happened to you, you become a complete different person. You just have to hide all your problems, because nobody cares."

Despite their album being nominated as Album of the Year in Latvia, the band are keen to expand their profile and hope through their exposure on the Eurovision stage will help establish some contacts in Sweden.

“We think that Eurovision is not as a one song contest but an opportunity for artists like us, which have their material and which have something to say”.