Lee Bridgman

Jazz dancer Lee describes himself as "androgynous and artistic" and says "because of my look, people don't know where to place me and won't use me in a line up of dancers, I hope SYTYCD will prove that it's OK to be an individual, have your own style, that you can stand out and succeed."

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Lee loved it when Arlene stuck up for him at Choreography Camp by calling him "David Bowie" which he took as a huge compliment. He realises the importance of being a versatile dancer and wants to show that he can take whatever is thrown at him.

After training at Italia Conti in London from 12 years old, he bagged himself an agent and went straight into ensemble for Wicked in the West End. Since then, Lee has done various jobs including dancing in Goldfrapp's Alive music video and modelling for fashion magazines, including British Vogue.

Lee says "I can't function without black coffee first thing in the morning, it's best to stay out of my way if I haven't had one!"

Lee's Progress

Showcase Special: Lee took part in the group opening dance, the Boys' dance and a Broadway and Tap dance with Matt, Tom, Charlotte and Paige.

Round 1: Lee B did a Contemporary dance with Kirsty.

Round 2: Lee B did a Bollywood routine with Kirsty.

Round 3: Lee B did a Lyrical Hip Hop routine with Kirsty.

Round 4: Lee B did an Argentine Tango with Kirsty.

Round 5: Lee B did a Broadway routine and a Hip Hop routine with Kirsty.

All remaining dancers now have new partners.

Round 6: Lee B did Contemporary routine with Charlotte.

Lee B had to dance for his life, but was saved by the judges.

All partnerships changed this week again. Each dancer took part in five routines: two group dances, either a Boys' Group dance (Paso Doble), or a Girls' Group Dance (Jazz), a solo and a couple's dance.

Round 7: Lee B did a Cha Cha Cha with Bethany Rose.

Lee B had to dance for his life.

Unfortunately, Lee B went home.