Peggy Woolley

Very much a traditionalist, Peggy's always made her opinions known to her children if she felt they were contravening her strict moral code.

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Played by:
June Spencer
13 November 1924
Retired publican
Lives at:
The Lodge

After her first husband Jack Archer succumbed to the ravages of gambling and alcoholism, she waited a long time to find her true heart's desire. It wasn't until 1991 that she married Jack Woolley and began to look forward to a blissful retirement.

All was going according to plan until Jack was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which brought her a long and difficult period as his carer.

When she had a stroke in 2008, Peggy reluctantly realised that as Jack deteriorated further he needed residential care. She was a very frequent visitor to The Laurels until his death.

I want to do what's best for the family
Peggy Woolley
  • Likes - Church on a Sunday (as long as the vicar's not a woman), cats, her garden
  • Dislikes - Mobile phones, loud music, slack standards
  • Highs - Triumphantly sending Jack's daughter Hazel packing when she came looking for money and control
  • Lows - Finally to accept that Jack needed residential care, his death

Immediate family ties

Key relationships

June Spencer

June Spencer joined The Archers in May 1950, having been a regular broadcaster since 1943.

She is now a widow and lives in a small friendly village in Surrey. She has a daughter. Her Grand-daughter, the only child of her late son lives in Australia.

She was made an OBE in 1991.

In June 2010 she was made a Freeman of the City of London, and her autobiography The Road to Ambridge was published in September of that year.

June wins a lifetime achievement award

Other career highlights

TV – Guilty Party, Doctors, numerous Songs of Praise.

And Desert Island Discs.

Archers highlights

It was a great pleasure to record scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show and receive the Ambridge Rose.

Jack and Peggy’s wedding was an exciting time. Recording at the Queen Mother’s birthday pageant in the Horse Guards Parade was also a red letter day for Jack and Peggy.

June's thoughts on Peggy

Peggy is a strong-minded woman reflecting the character of her late mother ‘Mrs P’. She also has a softer side, loving and loyal. She doesn’t have a great sense of humour and has very strong principles.


  • Actor - Philip Glenister – a good all-round actor with an attractive personality.
  • Book - Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks
  • Film - Laurel and Hardy’s Way Out West