Danny Pennant

Cool and cocksure, Danny Pennant is more sophisticated than your average Essex boy made good...

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First appearance:
27th September 2012
Last appearance:
February 2014
Investment Consultant

Danny likes to keep his cards close to his chest, and is very selective about what he tells people. Even then, his oozing confidence means they're none the wiser if it's true or not.

Danny’s passion for money and status is his Achilles’ heel. He comes from a poor background – he grew up on one of the grimmest estates in Essex with his mum, dad and younger sister. Desperate for a better life, Danny escaped 'suburbia' to pursue a high life in the City. His City years have been the best of his life. Huge flats, fast cars, 'friends' in high places... Danny had it all and wasn’t short of anything. As much as he’s lived up the lifestyle, the City has certainly taught him one thing – make no promises...

Despite what some might believe from his previous behaviour, when it comes to sex and relationships, bisexual Danny isn’t fussy about gender - if a woman doesn’t catch his eye, he’ll set his sights on a guy... it seems that no one in Walford is safe!

Played by Gary Lucy