On Now : Woman's Hour
Sexual abuse and the elderly; Child labour; How long should you wait before marriage; Natalie Williams.
BBC Radio 4

Arlene Fleming

From the age of five I memorised a poem a week

Was taught elocution and vocal technique.

Speech and drama quickly became my game

Drama school at seventeen was my aim.

From there I acted in many plays

Slapping my thigh with the panto dames!

But a number one tour of theatres in a year

Taught me this wasn't to be my career.

Living out a suitcase isn't for me -

I like to be at home for tea.

Reporting for AA Roadwatch was the start

Of my love affair with the broadcasting art.

BBC Radio Scotland and Television beckoned

Announcing in self op studios -

Timing every second.

From there to the 'Big Smoke' I successfully auditioned

Announcing for Channel 4 Television.

Then in the 90's freelancing for Radio 4

Before BBC TV knocked at my door.

On BBC1 & BBC2 you could hear my voice

Until the biological clock gave me no choice!

The babies arrived, my career break started

The BBC & I amicably parted.

In the Wilderness years I lost and found myself

Taught Art, Chi-kung and Alternative Health.

As the children get older I'm finding time to work

Being a Freelancer can have it's perks.

Now I've gently wedged my foot back in the door

May I say what a joy it is to be working 'again' for Radio 4.

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