Aoife O'Reilly

Played by Gemma-Leah Devereux

Fact titleFact data
Series 27, Episode 17 "Rabbits in Headlights"
Final appearance:
Series 27, Episode 33 "Human Resources"
Student Nurse

Aoife was all high spirits, enthusiasm and warmth when you first met her. She's optimistic, positive and excited and this is why patients loved her. Nurturing is instinctive in her and despite her youth she had a forthright "matronly" way of talking to the patients.

This came from being the middle child of eight in a noisy Dublin family, with a fierce Irish Ma as a role model. Aoife took charge of her younger three siblings and became a mini Mother, allowing her natural bossiness to flourish.

However, underneath Aoife's bossy, no nonsense exterior was a kind heart. This meant that she could charm her patients, and loved the fact they warm to her and need her. But she could also be tough and fight her own corner, or that of someone in need, with relish.

She was determined and ambitious and wanted to make something of herself so that, one day, her family will turn around and say "didn't our Aoife do well". She dreamt of being a nurse consultant and knows she's got the qualities needed.


  • Joined the show on 5th January 2013
  • Her mentor is Fletch
  • Aoife is constantly talking about her boyfriend, Craig.