Katie Love

Contemporary dancer Katie currently lives in Sidcup. She has always been experimental with her hair and loves her new pink look, she says it adds to her rock chick image.

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´╗┐Katie used to be a tomboy and says "I'm not a girly girl into beauty regimes or pampering, I'll be happy chilling with the lads." She says she has never been a "socialite or the cool one" and is happier at home with a cup of tea!

Katie started dancing at two years old. At 16, she studied theatre performance at Bird College before working front of house at Wicked in the West End, followed by a cruise ship job, which she absolutely hated. Katie now teaches theatre workshops in Bird's and has formed her own company, Default Theatre.

Obsessed with baking, Katie is the perfect host and always has a cake ready for her friends to come over for a good gossip and debate. Her friends describe her as "level headed, intelligent, passionate and philosophical".

Contemplating the live shows, Katie says "I hope my strengths lie in the fact that I'm well-trained and a quick learner with a good eye for detail."

Katie's Progress

´╗┐Showcase Special: Katie took part in the group opening dance, the Girls' dance and a Jazz dance with Shane, Luke and Bethany Rose.

Round 1: Katie did a Lyrical Hip Hop with Lee C.

Round 2: Katie did a Contemporary routine with Lee C.

Round 3: Katie did a Jazz routine with Lee C.

Round 4: Katie did a Broadway routine with Lee C.

Katie and Lee C had to dance for their lives, but Katie was saved by the judges.

Round 5: Katie did a Commercial routine and a Viennese Waltz with Luke.

All remaining dancers now have new partners.

Round 6: Katie did a Broadway routine with Israel.

All partnerships changed this week again. Each dancer took part in five routines: two group dances, either a Boys' Group dance (Paso Doble), or a Girls' Group Dance (Jazz), a solo and a couple's dance.

Round 7: Katie did a Contemporary routine with Matt.

Katie had to dance for her life, but was saved by the judges.

Katie is one of the four finalists of So You Think You Can Dance: Series 2!

Final: Katie did a Lyrical Jazz routine with Matt.

Katie did a Tango with Luke.

Katie did a Broadway routine with Kirsty.

Katie finished in 4th place!