Ben Mitchell

Ben's life was turned upside down when his mum Kathy died in a car crash in early 2006. His half-brother, Ian Beale brought him home to Walford... and his dad, Phil.

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First appearance:
21st March 1996
Last appearance:
24th August 2012

Ben has struggled to gain his dad's respect. He knew he wouldn't receive too much understanding when he came out to his dad, but Phil's reluctance to engage with the subject hurt Ben deeply.

Promise that you'll look after me.
Ben Mitchell
  • Favourite pastime: Baking cakes
  • Likes: Playing computer games and musicals
  • Dislikes: Boxing
  • Medical issues: Partially deaf in his left ear
  • Hobbies: Dancing and performing

Ben might have seemed mild-mannered in the past, but it's always the quiet ones... He's been strong enough to survive every sling and arrow that comes with being Phil’s son - kidnapped by Martin, stopped Phil from killing Archie and endured abuse from Phil's unstable lover Stella.

Ben has a criminal record; he was taken into juvenile detention in 2010 after attacking Jordan. He returned changed, and has since held Patrick to ransom and got Phil banged up. But by far the most shocking thing he has done is to end the life of much loved Walford resident, Heather Trott. It was a secret that had been kept between accessory Jay, and dad Phil, since that fateful night in March 2012 but an attack of conscience led Ben to confess and get arrested for murder.

It can't be easy being Phil Mitchell's son, but with his criminal antics, dubious morals and currently serving a prison sentence for manslaughter, Ben may be more of a chip off the old block than his father realises...

Played by Joshua Pascoe