Grant Ford

From a young age, Grant Ford was destined to join the antiques world as both his parents were successful dealers.

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Joined the Roadshow:
Memorable find:
Terry Frost greetings cards

As a specialist in modern art Frances has valued some wonderful paintings on the Roadshow, including a wonderful portrait by Trinidadian artist Boscoe Holder which his nephew brought along to a show at Senate House in London and a little Lowry drawing that was sketched for a bus driver on the back of his uniform list.

Frances graduated with a degree in History of Art from Trinity College, Cambridge, and completed a Master of Arts degree in early 20th-century British and French Art at the Courtauld Institute, London.

She is Head of Modern and Post-war British Art at Sotheby’s in London where she also serves as an auctioneer.

Having joined the Antiques Roadshow in 2007, Grant is a relative newcomer to the team. He remembers well that pivotal first recording that secured his place. "It was a wonderful group of original greetings cards by the great 20th Century British artist Terry Frost. It was so nice to be able to start the show with such a lovely group of original studies and to be able to do the recording with such a wonderful owner – it gave me the confidence to do more!"

If Grant could choose his dream painting to come into a Roadshow, he’d choose a great pre-Raphaelite work as they have amazing technical detail and beauty. He also adores the work of Jack Butler Yeats, the great 20th Century Irish painter, and would be very excited to see one of his later great poetic/ expressionistic works circa 1940-1950.

When he’s not travelling the world with work, Grant enjoys playing rugby, cricket and chess, but his favourite hobby is to spend as much time as possible at home with his wife and two children.