Lenny Murdoch

Criminal connections and lucrative underworld deals drive Lenny Murdoch. He’s not interested in making friends – friendships make you weak.

Family is important to Lenny but over the years he’s managed to push away those he loves through his stubborn, controlling nature.

He’s been married twice (Mary – whom he had killed when she double crossed him - and then trophy wife Lydia) and has three children – Rory, Ewan and Amber. Rory turned his back on Lenny when he refused to accept he was gay, Ewan died when an argument with her father went too far and he fell from scaffolding, and Amber is currently resident at her Majesty’s pleasure for murdering her father’s criminal associate, McCabe.

And just when he thought he’d lost it all, he discovered he has a grandson – Callum Adams, son of Kelly-Marie who had a brief fling with Ewan before his untimely death.

Happy families, however, are one thing Lenny’s wealth and power can’t buy. The Adams family were far-from-keen to let Lenny into Callum’s life but Kelly-Marie gave him the benefit of the doubt.

However, that turned sour after Callum was kidnapped – another victim of Lenny’s criminality. Although Kelly-Marie doesn’t doubt Lenny loves his grandson she won’t let his lifestyle put Callum’s life at risk again.

Diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS, Lenny faces an uncertain future. He regards his illness as a weakness and hides it from others – not least his criminal associates.

Lenny’s greatest arch nemesis was gangster Billy Kennedy. Although the pair did business together theirs was a fractured partnership not least because Lenny discovered Billy was behind Callum’s kidnap. For him, that was the final straw.

Frank Gallagher

Frank plays Lenny Murdoch in River City.

  • Joined River City - 2005
  • From - Glasgow
  • Star Sign - Cancer
  • Loves - Life
  • Loathes – Life’s too short
  • TV Treat – Old episodes of American Law & Order