Dotty Cotton

Little Dotty looked like butter wouldn't melt, but it soon transpired that she was her father's daughter through and through.

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First appearance:
26th December 2008
Last appearance:
23rd February 2010

You'd think that after all Dot went through with evil son Nick Cotton, she'd be able to spot a conniving, backstabbing spawn from forty paces.

That's my favourite hymn, Grandma!
Dotty Cotton

But Dot was too much of a Christian to punish a child for the sins of her father.

Dotty conspired with her dear old dad to kill Dot and empty her grandma's bank account. Her cold-hearted manipulation was chilling to watch. However, at the last moment, she reneged on the plan.

Although this spelled the end of Nick's time in Walford, it didn't spell the end of Dotty's wrongdoing. When Dot tried to discipline her, Dotty had her arrested for assault!

When a mysterious woman appeared at Dot's house looking for 'Kirstie', Dot discovered Dotty's real name and the fact that Nick had lied to Dotty about her mum being dead.

With a heavy heart, Dot and Dotty bid each other an emotional farewell.

Played by Molly Conlin