Originally a companion to River Song, Nardole has been liberated from the body of Hydroflax and reassembled by the Doctor…somehow. Now Nardole and the Doctor are travelling together…if only they could both agree why.

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Nardole comes across as something of a bumbling maker of mistakes, easily distracted by seemingly trivial observations on his adventures and always full of stories and anecdotes that never quite seem to make sense. But beneath the blundering exterior is a fiercely intelligent individual who isn’t afraid to challenge and question the Doctor at every turn and who might just perhaps know the Time Lord, flaws and all, better than he knows himself. Underneath the bickering and the one-upmanship, the Doctor has to admit that after twenty-four years on Darillium with River, having Nardole around is at least better than being alone.

I promise, in the end, he’ll be all right. I’ll make sure of it.

In ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’, Nardole doesn’t seem at all surprised at the idea of a superhero on the loose in New York. In actual fact, Nardole is the first one to spot that Harmony Shoal hasn’t just built an office in every capital city…there’s one in New York, too. This vital clue is an important element in the Doctor uncovering the brain-swapping aliens’ plan. Even if the Doctor doesn’t want to admit it.

Travelling with the Doctor and Bill, Nardole swore to help the Doctor keep his sacred oath and guard the Vault whilst remaining on Earth. With Missy free from the Vault and the Doctor and his companions facing certain death from the Cybermen approaching the solar farm aboard the Mondasian colony ship, Nardole reluctantly agreed to leave his friends behind and help the occupants of the farm to safety. Although devastated to leave Bill and the Doctor to fight the Cybermen alone, a developing relationship with survivor Hazran promised an unexpected future for the Doctor’s most loyal companion…