Lorna and Ash married young -­ she fell for the good-­looking, bad boy Ash pretty hard when they were both at school.

The fact that he was a wild child was almost certainly part of the appeal, as she spent much of her formative years in studied rebellion, trying to pull the rug out from under the certainties of her policeman Dad Ralph.

Lorna and Ash got together at a time when he was pretty close to falling into more trouble than he might have been able to get himself out of. But Ash was smart enough to realise that if he was lucky enough to get a girl like Lorna, he’d have to change his ways to keep her. Lorna has the innate confidence not to need Ash by her side all the time, learnt from her experience of her parents relationship.

She’s always understood his need for a buzz in his working life and has an unerring trust in his desire to do right by the family. She’s even daring to think that Ash will be slowing down. If she knew the truth about what the UNIT means for Ash, she’d realise that Cartwright’s offer has come at the worst possible time.

But the old spark is never far away, he can still make her laugh and that counts for a lot. She’ll always want to be with Ash, unless it got to the point where she stopped recognising him as the boy she fell in love with... When he stopped being the man that her smile could still pull back from the brink...