Fergus Gambon

Fergus credits his love of antiques to his parents who spent many weekends visiting antiques shops.

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An 18th Century doll

Although Fergus' parents had no interest in pottery or porcelain, he quickly decided that was his passion and he persuaded them to buy him his first piece of Spode at a very young age. Despite training as a lawyer and a surveyor, in 1994, Fergus joined Phillips Auctioneers, now Bonhams, as a valuer and cataloguer in the 'European Ceramics and Glass Department' where he is now Department Director.

Although he works in the 'Ceramics' department, Fergus’ favourite find came at the Swindon Roadshow in 2010 and it was actually a doll. "It was a remarkable and fragile survivor from the mid-18th century and sent shivers down my spine", he explains.

If Fergus could choose one item he would like to see come in to the Roadshow, it would be some porcelain painted by Thomas Pardoe, a ceramics artist whose individual painting style and complicated career fascinates him. Pardoe’s work is rarely seen and Fergus firmly believes he deserves his moment of fame on the Roadshow.