Luke Jackson

Jazz dancer Luke started dancing aged 11 when he was the only boy in class. As he was shy, he used to keep his dancing a secret from pupils at school. Luke says "I'm laid back and down-to-earth but more focused on the show than anything in ages, I can be shy but not when performing."

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After studying at Laines Theatre Arts, Luke's first job was in the ensemble of Saturday Night Fever. Following that, he performed in Copa Cabana in Denmark and then the West End show Phantom of the Opera. Other jobs include being ensemble in Cats and swing and dance captain in Grease. He has recently finished being swing in Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Luke feels as though he spent too much time being complacent rather than pushing himself, he has always been in chorus parts but now feels it is his chance to shine.

Luke didn't enter SYTYCD last year because he was too scared of the rejection, this year he thought "I'll go for it". He is also quite apprehensive about the prospect of using props while performing as he is afraid they may hinder his performance.

Luke's Progress

Showcase Special: Luke took part in the group opening dance, the Boys' dance and a Jazz dance with Shane, Bethany Rose and Katie.

Round 1: Luke did a Samba with Danielle.

Round 2: Luke did a Commercial routine with Danielle.

Round 3: Luke did a Paso Doble with Danielle.

Round 4: Luke did a Lyrical Hip Hop with Danielle.

Luke and Danielle had to dance for their lives, but Luke was saved by the judges.

Round 5: Luke did a Commercial routine and a Viennese Waltz with Katie.

All remaining dancers now have new partners.

Round 6: Luke did a Hip Hop routine with Bethany Rose.

All partnerships changed this week again. Each dancer took part in five routines: two group dances, either a Boys' Group dance (Paso Doble), or a Girls' Group Dance (Jazz), a solo and a couple's dance.

Round 7: Luke did a Broadway routine with Kirsty.

Luke had to dance for his life, but was saved by the judges.

Luke is one of the four finalists of So You Think You Can Dance: Series 2!

The Final: Luke did Broadway routine with Matt.

Luke did a Contemporary routine with Kirsty.

Luke did a Tango with Katie.

Luke finished in 2nd place!