Michael Palin CBE

Modern Day Phileas Fogg

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Comedian and Traveller

True to his nature, Michael is a well-travelled actor, writer and television presenter.

I think that's what makes him the Best Of British
- Steve Coogan

Michael’s time on Monty Python in sketches such as ‘Dead Parrot’ and ‘The Fish-Slapping Dance’ are still sure to get the nation laughing. His highest television honour to date, a BAFTA Fellow, has cemented just what a talent he is.

Having trotted around pretty much everywhere on the globe, Michael has documented this in various television programmes. Some of the many places he has travelled to are, The Himalayas Brazil and The Sahara, He has also circumnavigated the lands around the Pacific Ocean.

The ‘Palin effect’ is a phenomenon that has influenced people around the world and no doubt will continue to give birth to an ever growing group of budding travellers.