Matt Flint

Tap dancer Matt is originally from Scarborough but moved to London aged 16. Matt attended a street dance class and then, whilst playing a scarecrow in a school production of Wizard of Oz, he snuck into the girls' changing rooms - he then knew dance was for him!

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"Growing up, I was a talented footballer but chose to follow a career in dance. I still enjoy watching it and also playing tennis, badminton and going scuba diving."

Matt attended Laines Theatre Arts, and luckily worked straight after graduating on a production of Beauty and the Beast. Since then, Matt has regularly appeared in the West End and his career highlight was appearing alongside Patrick Swayze in Guys and Dolls. Matt also teaches Tap and Jazz at various schools in London.

Matt explains his reason for appearing SYTYCD: "I want to bring Tap back and make it accessible to everyone by infusing old fashioned Tap dancing with tricks and Break dancing."

Having only had supporting roles so far, Matt feels it is his time to "step into the spotlight and be the star of the show".

Matt's friends describe him as "energetic and a bit of a prankster who has a massive heart and is inspiringly motivated".

Matt's Progress

´╗┐Showcase Special: Matt took part in the group opening dance, the Boys' dance and a Broadway and Tap dance with Lee, Tom, Charlotte and Paige.

Round 1: Matt did a Foxtrot with Charlotte.

Round 2: Matt did a Jazz routine with Charlotte.

Round 3: Matt did a Broadway routine with Charlotte.

Round 4: Matt did a Lindy Hop with Charlotte.

Round 5: Matt did a Disco routine and a Contemporary routine with Charlotte.

All remaining dancers now have new partners.

Round 6: Matt did a Lyrical Rumba with Kirsty.

All partnerships changed this week again. Each dancer took part in five routines: two group dances, either a Boys' Group dance (Paso Doble), or a Girls' Group Dance (Jazz), a solo and a couple's dance.

Round 7: Matt did a Contemporary routine with Katie.

Matt is one of the four finalists of So You Think You Can Dance: Series 2!

The Final: Matt did a Lyrical Jazz routine with Katie.

Matt did a Broadway routine with Luke.

Matt did an American Smooth Foxtrot with Kirsty.

Matt is the winner of the So You Think You Can Dance: Series 2!