Deek Henderson

If Deek seems old before his time it's little wonder. Brought up by his grandparents after his alcoholic mother left town, Deek has been comfortable with older people from a very early age. He'll tell you he's 'all about the party' but in truth Deek is more comfortable gossiping with Gina in the Oyster than he is clubbing in town.

Deek's image of himself is at odds with what other people see. He set himself up as a businessman straight out of school but, while Deek takes himself very seriously indeed, not many other people do. Deek has a good heart which his mother, Alice, broke when she fell off the wagon. Deek has also cared for Zoe and Nicki in his time. This is a young man who has shouldered a lot of responsibility.

Unlucky in love, Deek has never found the right girl. Carly really liked Deek but he was too shallow and worried about what other people thought to treat her properly. Deek's a little older and wiser now but that's not to say he wouldn't make the same mistake again. The thing is that Deek's far too worried about what other people think. Maybe it comes from not really thinking his own opinion matters enough; he was never told it did as a child.

Deek did not have a happy childhood. The product of his mother's teenage affair with her high school teacher, Deek's future didn't look exactly rosy. Factor in that his mother had a serious drinking problem and you've a recipe for disaster. Deek was brought up by his grandparents to believe his mother had abandoned him.

In actual fact his grandfather, George, had paid Alice to leave and when Alice returned Deek was delighted to discover she hadn't left him through choice. Deek embraced his mother and her recovery. When she hit the bottle again after her father's death it was the last straw for Deek who finally threw her out. Deek keeps a stiff upper lip about it but it hurt him very badly.

Deek lived and worked with Bob and Nicki. A recent epiphany about the direction his life was taking saw Deek realise that money isn't the be all and end all.

When Deek meets a young alcoholic, Stella, she reminds him of his mother, and he decided to help her. In doing so Deek and Stella grew close.

When a young woman's body was found, Deek's life took a turn for the worse. He went to the morgue, as he feared it was Stella. It was in fact Alice, his mum - she'd died in a road traffic accident.

The death of his mother had a profound affect on Deek, who turned to drink to block out the pain. He pushes away his family and friends until they realise they have to take action. With the help of his friends, Deek realises there is more to life than business.

Gordon McCorkell

Gordon plays Deek Henderson in River City.