Tony Wilkes

Tony Wilkes has worked for the ambulance service for 14 years, and has been part of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team for nine.

Tony Wilkes was born and bred in Castleford, but now lives on the Yorkshire coast at Scalby near Scarborough.

He has worked for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service for 14 years, and has been a member of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team for nine.

He started his current job at the same time as Darren Axe, one of his air ambulance colleagues.

Before that he was an intensive care nurse at Pontefract Hospital.

In his spare time Tony loves running, and regularly runs along the cliff tops near his home.

He's also keen at trying his hand at surfing when the conditions are right in Scarborough.

Tony describes the best part of working for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance: "You get to attend the most serious incidents and get real satisfaction from helping people in crisis.

"It's a great chance to use all my skills as a paramedic."

In a previous life Tony used to be a weapons engineer for the Navy, and travelled around the world for nine years.